Highly analytical and technically savvy professional with extensive years of proven performance in leading and managing various UI and UX design solutions for large companies in multiple industries. Designs and builds interactive prototypes, integrating substantial UI/UX components to create efficient, flexible, and scalable design solutions. Implements quality front-end code to effectively plan designs and address complex UI problems. Fosters a collaborative work culture, working with teams, clients, and key stakeholders to consistently provide UX-focused, innovative designs that ensure great customer experience, while providing impactful insights to drive continued business growth and success.

Core compentencies

  • UI & UX Design Solutions
  • Front-End Development
  • Coding & Prototyping
  • SEO Technology
  • Web Design & Administration
  • Branding & Social Media Management
  • Systems & Process Improvements
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Software & Technology Proficiency
  • Client & Stakeholder Relations
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Client Communication

Sr. UX Technologist

Quiet Platforms

July 2022 – February 2023

Acted as the bridge between code and design for company interactive websites. Expertly utilized various technology and design tools in the end-to-end design process to produce customer-centric and scalable solutions. Used Figma, React, and Storybook to develop and establish design system; Axure RP to build UX-focused, interactive prototypes; and After Effects and Premiere Pro to create animations and video for the company’s webpages. 

  • Leveraged strong analytical skills and technical proficiency to develop complex UX demo within a one-week timeframe for presentation to executive leadership.
  • Widely recognized as the first person within the department to ramp up this start-up organization and managed to design, build, and launch numerous prototypes and systems.

Design Technologist/Sr. Web Designer

Tirebuyer/American Tire Distributors

Sep 2015 – June 2022

Progressively took on more responsibility within this role to provide support and coordination between design and coding for this leading tire sales company’s websites. Directly involved in design decisions to plan, develop, and build UX-inclusive web pages with optimized cross-browser capabilities, driving high user engagement. Led the design, coding, and administration of interactive landing pages across multiple platforms and browsers to optimize marketing efforts, increasing organic SEO and providing ease of assessing key company messaging.

  • Successfully grew organic SEO by 800K in 6 months, working collaboratively with developers and teams to ensure design solutions effectively address varying user needs.
  • Coded and developed majority of the design, content, and formatting for 200+ pages on,,, and

Key Responsibilities:

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Coordinated with multiple teams, including developers and project teams to facilitate seamless process execution and transitioning between design and build stages. Communicated regularly with Director of Customer Experience to ensure accuracy and timeliness of projects.
  • Strategic Design Decisions: Implemented cross-browser capabilities on landing pages and helped evaluate technical impact of design decisions to manage websites effectively. Redefined mock designs for numerous tire solutions to incorporate holistic goals of the company, making products stand out from a design standpoint.
  • Process Improvements: Extensively reviewed the website to restructure and reformat pages, streamlining efficiency, increasing organic SEO, and test messaging and imagery through pages and keywords. Maintained and updated pages based on market trends and user needs. 

Senior Graphic Designer, Safeco Insurance Brand and Advertising

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Nov 2008 – Jul 2014

Expanded accountabilities within this organization, advancing through to a senior-level role due to exceptional work performance. Developed branding and advertising strategy, and coordinated with organization leaders to align design of prints, web, and content with branding standards for uniformity and consistency of messaging across entire company.

  • Drove efforts to grow Facebook page from 0 followers to 80K+ in 4 years, expanding market reach to increase user engagement, facilitating success for the company.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Social Media Management: Assisted with social media management to conceptualize and design posts aligned with company branding, tracking traffic and effectiveness to make improvements and changes as necessary.
  • Client & Stakeholder Relations: Worked with clients and business partners, as well as insurance agents, to develop relations, ensure branding alignment, and define messaging for audience engagement. Generated fun widgets and other design aspects to keep agents engaged and to optimize utilization of company branding.
  • Company Branding: Created sizzle reels, and designed print, web, video, and motion graphics. Developed communication structure to establish and maintain brand identity, ensuring all marketing assets were aligned with pre-defined company color, typography, messaging, and photo guidelines. 


Codo Dojo Bootcamp

Jan. 2022-June 2022


MERN stack. Web fundamentals exam: 9.9/10. MERN final exam: 9.5/10 (Black Belt).

  • Two-stack program
  • React
  • Mongo DB
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • Advanced JS
  • NPM

University of Oregon


Bachelor of Arts | Journalism